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The Lost Series: Oscar Micheaux

Born in 1884 in Metropolis, Illinois. Micheaux was an author, film director, and independent producer of 44 films and decided to focus his career on writing and film making. In total, Micheaux wrote seven novels; his first book The Conquest: The Story of a Negro Homesteader sold 1,000 copies in 1913. His book was based on his own experiences as a homesteader and the failure of his marriage. This novel was eventually made into a film with critical and commercial success which was released in 1919. His second movie entitled Within our Gates was produced in 1920. The movie is considered to be a response to A Birth of a Nation. Micheaux's film depicted contemporary black life which also dealt with the relationships between blacks and whites. Micheaux died on March 25, 1951 of heart failure. You can read more about Oscar Micheaux and his contributions to film online.

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